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Speedometer issue


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March 1, 2015
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1992 Explorer XLT 4x4
I'm not sure if this counts as a stock question, but i saw a thread about coloring the cluster lights and sanding the gauge faces so they will not be green. I really like this idea, but i am having problems with the speedometer. I broke my original accidentally when trying to make the odometer have the 6th digit. Got a Speedo from the junkyard to replace it. After trying to set the odometer to the correct mileage (first i tried a drill to spin it backwards, then just carefully popped it free and moved the numbers by hand) i sanded the paint off. But now this speedometer bounces around and there is a clicking noise. When i looked at the back of the speedo, it seems the main shaft is binding on the odometer worm gear. Any advice on how i can fix this?

Sounds like it's one of those problems that you're better to solve than us. Being there and seeing it is your best advantage. You are the only person I know of, I think that has posted about taking the speedo apart and messing with it.

Did you transplant the 6 digit tumbler into a 5 digit housing? I've never tried this but don't see why it couldn't work. I've not had a 6 digit unit apart to know. I could see there possibly being a housing difference that might make the parts bind up, though.

I've thought about changing the color of mine as well, just never have done it.

I actually gave up on the speedometer. In the process of popping the Speedo out to get the numbers right, my ring accidentally touched the contacts for the fuel gauge and it started smoking. I should have disconnected the battery, but i learned the hard way. I replaced the cluster and ended up replacing all the gauges as well. So, no color changing, and no modified odometer. I'm not going to gamble anymore.

I'm sure my odometer idea would have worked though. To do it, all you need is one more digit wheel, and one more small gear for the bottom axle. The fun part involves shaving out the middle of the digit wheel so it will fit over the brass end cap of the odometer. Also, you will need to sand down the metal just above the wheel so it will spin freely. Last step is to shave out the gauge face so the digit is visible. Assembly is fairly easy as well. Using needle nose pliers, carefully bend the flap up that holds in the brass cap. This will allow the digit axle to be removed. The bottom axle can be punched out gently with a small nail or punch. Then you just slide the small gear onto the axle and slide it back in place. The digit axle goes right back in after you place the shaved wheel onto the cap. The tricky bit of this whole thing is to align the digit wheels with the small gears so they spin properly and they show fully on the gauge face. After its all aligned, fold the flap back down to secure the digit axle.

If anyone tries this out, please let me know if you get it to work. I'm very certain it will. The biggest advice i can give is to not take off the gauge face and needle. The spring on the backside will probably unwind and cause issues with the speedometer working properly.