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Speedometer Not Working


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November 30, 2011
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Edgewater, FL
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1996 Explorer 5.0
Hey guys, I know this topic has been brought up in the past, but I cannot find anything that's helped me figure out whats going on with my speedo so far

The speedometer started going out several months ago, and by that I mean it didn't happen suddenly; it would randomly drop out and then drop in again. Fast forward several months, it became more often not working than working, but every now and again it would jump up to speed and then drop back down

I replaced both of the speed sensors with brand new sensors (one on the transmission and one on the rear axle) with no change.

Now, I have an OBDII reader and when i plug that in to monitor the VSS, I am getting a reading from the truck. This tells me that the sensor is communicating with the computer, and so the issue lies between the computer and the gauge. Does anyone have an idea of where there might be a fault in the wiring between the computer and gauge?

FYI, the cruise control is not working either

Classic symptoms of a chaffed wire or damaged electrical component. I would try a replacement instrument cluster and see if the speedometer works reliably then, if so, you could get you original I.C. repaired. However, there could still be a problem between the computer and the I.C., if so, a replacement I.C. would confirm this.