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Speedometer out of whack


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December 30, 2015
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Vineland, NJ
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1995 Ford Explorer XLT

So I recently pulled the speedocluster from my car to replace the worm gear so that the odometer finally works. I carefully pulled off the needle for the speedometer (good move or bad move?) as I needed it out of the way to pull the motor that turns the worm gear. The odometer works great (mission accomplished), but now the the speedometer is off by 40 MPH. Do I need to recalibrated it? I saw a previous thread on how to calibrate the speedometer without taking it to the shop but it seems a bit excessive for the job I did. Did I screw up something when I pulled off the needle? Thanks for your help.

Can you just move the needle back to where it should be?

You didn't put it back on zero.