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Speedometer yes, Odometer/Trip meter no...FIXED w/pics


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March 4, 2007
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...My trip meter was not working on my 95 Ranger when I first got it...I kept pushing in the button and after about a month it started working...

...It's been over three years now and after replacing the dash bulbs, the odometer and trip meter are now not working...

...I am not sure they quit when I replaced the dash bulbs as I do believe they were working up to two weeks ago...I fueled up and hit the trip meter and noticed about 50 miles later it had not moved nor had the Odometer...

..I tore the dash apart today and made sure the three main harness plugs were plugged in and they looked in proper connection order as in, not dried out, cracked, or loose...:dunno:

...I need some help as I haven't a clue on this one...:confused:

..After some time I got around to doing this and it was fairly easy..I found this thread but it was a little TMI and confused me a little to where I was intimidated a bit..

..I contacted our Forum Vendor Kbabiak and he sent me out a complete gauge cluster out of 98 Explorer (while ordering a bunch of other parts from him) so this helped learn the operation on a used cluster so I had practice before I tore mine apart..:hammer:

..I later found out you can still order these new from here but they are a bit more pricey than used parts..;)

..To get to your gauge cluster and remove it, this thread is awesome as being detailed on how to do just that especially if you have an automatic transmission and 4wd too..

..My Ranger is a manual trans with a manual 4wd so these following pictures reflect that and are more of a synopsis of this fix..and a few more added pics..:biggthump

..Remove the 4 screws holding the plastic kick panel below the steering column..2 screws are at the hood release and then 1 on the right and 1 on the left, all being at the bottom of this panel.

..Then follow by loosening up this metal plate but I don't like removing the screws as they are a pain to get started back into the clips..



Just loosen them all really loose so you can get to the screws underneath at the top to remove them..:D


...Pull your headlight knob..

..Pull your radio bezel after removing the 2-7mm screws just above your air controls..

..Remove the 3 screws above the instrument cluster..

..Now carefully pull your plastic trim off that is in front of your gauge cluster..I carefully let the whole unit stay plugged in and carefully let it rest intact in this position..;)

..Now you will need to remove these screws to pull the gauge cluster out..


..Reach in and pull the cluster forward so you can see behind it..This picture shows the cluster with the bezel already removed (but used for demonstration purposes)


..Next you will be able to pull the cluster forward but you will carefully have to pull these 2 electronic plugs (Shown as 1-blk 1-wht) from the back of the cluster before you remove it..


..Taking apart the gauge cluster is easy as it is in 3 sections and just pry's apart with the use of a little screwdriver..First you remove the right side..(They come apart layered in sequence)

..Then the left side..

Then the center section..
(No Pic)

..You need to unplug the worm drive motor..

..This is a picture of it unplugged..

..There are 2 plastic ears you need to pry back on while twisting the worm drive motor out..

..This is what was left of the original worm gear..Apparently some were made black while most I've seen are white..:dunno:

..This is the replacement ready to go back in..

..Now put it all back together and it's done..:biggthump

..It is so nice to have the Odometer and Speedometer working and being able to get exact gas readings again..:hammer:

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For 95~2003, it usually means that a drive gear to the odometer inside the speedo head has given up. I don't think there are repair parts available new, so it's probably junkyard time.

Almost the same issue with my x. SpeedO yes, Odometer yes, trip meter No. I can hit reset all I want to no avail. The meter turns over the miles, just can not reset it.

I went to the local U-Pull-It yard and found one that has been reset but I'm not sure if I want to take the chance for a cost of 40 bucks for the whole cluster. I did some research and found no "kit" for this.

Besides that, the fact the one in yard has less miles (77k0 v's my (106k) Here is Louisiana the law is clear on this subject. Jack around with "mileage displayed" and you will find yourself is deep doo doo in no time.

I would assume this is due to the fact there are unscrupulous used car dealers in this state that will take advantage of people. (say it ain't so)

I have no plan to sell my x so the only person that would have this information is me. Technically I would be breaking the law I guess.

...If you follow the link in post #4 you will find that you are just replacing the gear not altering the reading..;)

...If you follow the link in post #4 you will find that you are just replacing the gear not altering the reading..;)

Hey Thanks! That is some good information and looks like a pretty easy fix.

This helps a lot.


..First post is updated and this project got completed before my Smog test and re-gear this year..:D