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Spiffing-Up the Rig

I am in the process of wrapping the lower doors with the same camo pattern I got on the seats. I need a warmer day and time to complete it.



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I am working with 59" lengths which is too short to complete a side. I worked the rear door best I could to try to blend with the front door and not repeat as much of the pattern. I am no pro, but my work is OK for the ole gal. I got a few folds but getting better, ha, should have started on the passenger side.


I liked the old one too. But new fresh and clean paint you have mocked up will look nice. For some reason the top shield being all white seems too much but I am weird.


That's OK, It is roughly done work on a old rig. The main reason I started painting was to get away from the black. I got a lighter color and less heat absorption.

The old Limited wheels paint job I did chipped away. The paint I used was very hard/brittle and came-off relatively easy with a wire brush in a drill. I was not worried about a fine finish as I painted them with thick, textured, anti-slip bed coating. I wanted good adhesion and think I got it and with a good chip resistant coating. Pics below, of best looking wheel that I prepped for paint and final on vehicle.

Rim 7.jpg

Rim 1.jpg

Rim 2.jpg

Rim 3.jpg

Rim 4.jpg

Rim 6.jpg

Rim 5.jpg

Ever since I saw this vid I wanted to get those/your Limited rims for mine...very rare... I like the look like this guys are without the center caps...what do you think? Check 4:15 point of video for full view..

I prefer the old hub caps, but thx for playing.

I have 13 of those wheels, and about 8-9 caps. I used them for two trucks, snow tires, and a spare. I learned why they really didn't put allow wheels hung under the back as the spare. Road salts kill the clear coat quickly, two seasons ruined a wheel I had back there.

Here's one I had on my Mountaineer in 2006, with my custom brakes, 12.75" rotor and SSBC calipers.


I wish I had 5 of those! Sweet!

There is reason I painted these, the prep was much easier than trying to restore them as they were, pitted, chipped, and scratched.

The thicker, bed coating does a decent job of leveling the surface and with silica grit to hide even more shchtuff.