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Spindle lift and Add a Leaf..can it work?


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March 21, 2000
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99 XLT
Spindle lift and Add a Leaf.. <--- 3/6 DONE (PICS)

have a 99 2wd..already have a 3BL, sont really want to do a SOA...afraid the rear too high to the front. now, will 3 inch spindle lift + Add a leaf even ou the truck and still give me the extra 3 inch of lift? anyone? i know on paper it will..but has anyone done it?

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Where on paper will a AAL give you 3" of lift?

A double AAL may give you that much, but most people who have had them wouldn't recommend them

shackles and AALs should give you about 3" of lift. If you have a 2dr you can also swap in 4dr springs, which you'll have to do if you want AALs. I have double AALs AND single AAls, 4dr springs and shackles. It give me about 3" of lift. Though I wheel my truck hard and my springs are worn out.

yes, i already have the shackles. myplan is to do the spindle ast the front, and add a leaf at the rear with the shackles. if that dont raise the rear enough, then SOA. only problem is, my stock springs are saggy..rated F.

i bought the pro comp spindle kit and they give you two AAL's. i have spindles up front and shackles and the two leafs in the back and it sits level. If you get the spindle kit from pro comp it will come with everything you need and with your shackles it will sit level

ibought the spindle separate. ok, i will try with the aal and will let u guys know how it turns out. i got 35s sittin ghtere waiting already..cannot wait.

alrite...all went smoothly. everything in place. the 35s Xterrains looks nice on the explorer now. from ground to top of feneder is 44". rear is 1 inch lower but not noticeable.
the front is still rubbing on full turns and also the plastics are getting int the way. will wait till daylight tomorrow to gett that taken care off. now, i am sore. but happy.
pics topmorrow.

where are the pics

:) tomorrow... forogt. finetuning here and there.

where did you get your spindles from and how much did you pay and was it for just the spindles or the add a leafs and shocks also

sindles i got from a member here last year for aropund $400, i think. i got the aal from summitracing for $40 .. 2.5 inch for an F150. Shocks is monroe... regular length.

i know... but my mom is 5' tall...sooo..u know..... she said sitting int ere is like sittin in an airplane.

swak6287 said:
i know... but my mom is 5' tall...sooo..u know..... she said sitting int ere is like sittin in an airplane.
That's funny, my mom is 5' tall too. I had to help her in mice, but I only had a 4" lift and 35s. She liked driving my Explorer. It was really funny when she drove my '95 F-150 with 4" lift and 35s. :)

Your X looks great, nice work!

Yeah your X looks good :thumbsup: Nice job

thank u thank u