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Spindle Lift ??? from a Newbie


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October 27, 2002
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'96 XLT 2wd
I'm looking for a 3" spindle lift for a '96 2wd XLT. I checked all over the web and seems like FabTech and ProComp only list them for 98-01 applications. Did Ford change the spindle design in 1998? I would think that the front spindles were the same from '95 to '01". I'd hate to take a chance and order the spindles and then find out that they don't fit. I already have the rear lifted but just need the spindle....only can TT so much before it's max'd out. It's max'd out! Thanks all........

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got a pick of your spindle? I would bet they are the same.

Howzit Kimo......dis is Kamaaina. I've been looking into spindle lifts for a while and found out that the "98-'01 spindle lift will fit a '95-'97 Explorer. The reason they say '98-'01 is to make it compatible with the Ranger (went to IFS in "98) so one kit fits both. Check out the link below for more info, this guy installed the spindle lift in his "97. I didn't get one yet 'cause just the spindles alone is so damn expensive (like $450). Four Wheel Parts in Waipahu can get 'um special order.


I have a 96 and just completed installing my spindles. Very easy install, as long as you have the right tools (i.e. ball joint separator and 15mm hex sockets). I got my kit from 4wheelparts.com for $500 (or so), including spindles/4 shocks/add-a-leafs.

I just wish I could find someone selling just the spindles at a "realistic" price. I just installed new shocks and lifted the back 2" and did a TT for the front. Front shocks are near max rebound so a spindle lift would bring the lower control arm back to normal position. Does your '96 have ABS?

The Fabtech & ProComp ones are actually the same and made by the same manufactuer (bullseye).

The spindles are all the same for 2WD.

My truck is the one Kamaaina is referring to.

Harry5150 - Your Explorer looks great and thanks for the terrific website you have on the 'net. Excellent photos!!!!!!!

To Snafu996 --- Just want to verify your spindles on your 1996; are these the same spindles that are for '98 - '01 applications? I have a chance to get a set but just want to chat with somebody who actually installed these. Thanks........

Keep in mind that the Ranger spindles are good for '98-'00 and '01+. In '01 the front brakes were upsized on the Ranger, and that is where the split is. Be careful, because I think the '98-'00 Ranger spindles are the ones that are compatible with your Ex...


To DesertSpive - So what do you think.....should I get the spindles? I don't know where all of the pre-'98 Explorer people are getting their spindles from or what ones they're using (if they're using the 98-01 spindles).

Kamaaina - Thanks for the complement.

This is the part number & description from my invoice from 4 Wheel Parts.

4wheel parts part number - EXP 5217

Description - "94-00 EXPLR 2WD 3 SPIN"

BTW I did buy/install them in 2001.

This is a link to Procomp's Explorer / Ranger application list (about 1/2 way down)


For the Explorer, they only list the 95-00 spindle (5217).