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Splat Wins a Drag Trophy!

Went to the drag strip today to have a little fun. I didn't expect to walk away with a trophy! Trophy bracket racing beginner class, I won! I was fairly slow today; due to timing issues, fuel issues, and a very fierce headwind. But, I was able to be consistent enough to win! I had very good reaction times the whole day and was good at determining dial-ins.

More details tomorrow, but basically I ran mid-low 16's all day with a 15-35 mph headwind. Yay! I'm exhausted.

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Congrats. thats real sweet

Congrats to SPLAT!!
Oh and you to Alec. That is the nice thing about bracket racing you don't have to have a fast vehicle to win.
Makes those guys with the big blocks mad though when you can beat them.

I remember at the truck fest they were racing and someone had a model "A" pickup and he would be half to 3/4 ways down the track before the other guy left. It was really fun to watch.

I was in 2 races for my class. The first was against an old Camaro SS, 12.80 dial-in. After he got his time slip he was so pissed he drove 40-50 down the pit road and straight out of the complex! The second guy I raced (final) was very cool. He stopped and congratulated me and everything.

There was more interest than I expected in my truck. People were excited to see a highly modified SUV. Also, not many people drove their racers to the track. 97% were towed there. I was the third slowest vehicle. There was a stock rental Focus that the guy decided to have fun with, and an old Ford pickup. Us plus about 3 other cars were the only ones driven to the track.

BTW, by putting my times into a calculator and compensating for the really bad headwind, I come up with about 230 hp at the wheels, about 265 at the wheels with the nitrous. Right on the money with where I thought I was! 300 hp at the crank + about 60 more hp with nitrous.

good job man!


Not many trucks that can conquer on the strip and on the trail :D

Originally posted by Alec
. . .There was a stock rental Focus that the guy decided to have fun with. . .

I have my drag trophy and my trail plaques to prove it!

Bit of an update:
I made a lot of runs, each one changing my launch style, timing, and other factors. But I was consistently between 16.0 and 16.5. My mph was between 78 and 83. I am very proud of my 60' and reaction times. My 60' was consistently around 2.1, and my reaction between .507 and .590. Pretty darn good!

My fastest run was of course with the nitrous. My first run with the nitrous I had bad detonation, so had to back off. My second I ran it all the way from launch to the end. When the truck shifted into second, it really took off! Felt awesome! The nitrous basically takes about .5 sec off my time. If I would've run the nitrous later in the night when it got cooler and calmer, I could've easily gotten around 15.7. But I decided to compete without nitrous to be more consistent. But one of my goals was to run with the nitrous enough to not be afraid of it, and I'm not anymore. I'll start using it more.

Enough babbling for now.

BTW, I just ran numbers in another calculator. If my truck was exactly the same, but with stock horsepower, it would've run about 20.5 on Sunday. So I gained 4 seconds!!!! Not too bad!!!

great job alec.

did you put smaller tires on to race with?

Nope, I drove the truck at the track exactly how I do on the street. BFGs, roofrack, and all. About the only thing that wasn't on the truck that I carry on the trail would be water, food, and extra gas.