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splodo got sassy

splodo got sassy!!!,Updated with pics

Well i finally started my swap. And to tell you its been simple yet a little confusing.So far i have the coil buckets mounted the coils attached and the axle under minus the radius arms mounted. Specs so far.
79 dana 44. with 55k on it.
Wild horses coils.
Stock Bronco buckets. moved exactly 2 inches forward. And tilted the top slight back.
early bronco radius arms extended with bent and twisted extension.
gonna try to use stock trac bar.
New calipers with jrgaylors brake line mod
and i need new steering.
gonna space out the rear with 2 inch adapters. Yeah im keeping the 8.8.
Now realize im just gettin the axle under the truck right now cuz i am moving in a month and going to japan for 6 months after that so all the welding will be done after i get back so all the bolting is just to get that axle set and towed home.(I might weld if i get time too) Got questions feel free to ask. Got comments feel free to post but i dont care if your gonna say "you should also weld" Cuz you should allready know.


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  • solid axle swap 007.jpg
    solid axle swap 007.jpg
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and more



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Your truck is coming along nicely :thumbsup:

Thanks im gonna try to get the arms mounted today and the front tires on the rims. so i can get it rolled out of the garage.(wife is so pissed at me for doing this) Supercharger i wish. Its the throttle body.

Ahhh, it looks like is says BBK SuperCharged on the sticker, but you can't really make it out from that pic.

You really should weld the coil buckets to the frame. :p It's coming along nicely. What gears and what size tires will you be running? Also, how much did those r/a extensions cost you?

EDIT: Nevermind on that last question. I just found em: http://www.bentandtwisted.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=881
I think I'll stick with extending them with DOM so that I can add heims instead of having threaded ends.

HaHa bmx i figured youd be the first. I plan on running 4.88s when i get back home but for now its front 3.50s or 3.55s and rear 3.73s. So the drive shaft is gonna stay disconned. My tires are 35s. I couldnt go any bigger than 36s for sure so anyone doing a swap i mounted my buckets more than jrgaylor and less than sanvde and it looks like this is my running tire. Today i mounted the calipers and did jrgaylors mod. (thanks) and mounted the radius arms and the tires. The rear is still un spaced but i think the front looks great. I also tack welded the stinger to the front bumper :confused: . It actually turned out ok. I might start on the new tube front bumper tommorrow. But i also need to spend a day with the fam. Ive been in the garage for 2 days drinking and fabbing. O yeah i seriously think that the stock track bar is a no go for me it is like 3 inches past the frame and i just dont see it happening. Also i still need to do steering. I was quoted around 200 for a setup and i still gotta fab it to work with my pitman arm . O yeah looks like my pitman arm is too low and might need to find a stock one to work with the lift. For you allready sas pros your comments will help as iam a sas pro in training. :D Thanks.


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A few more


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    solid axle swap 015.jpg
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And some more


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    solid axle swap 020.jpg
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Heres a few day shots. Im not gonna start the tube bumper today. I measured the front from rim to rim its 81"s wide. Also i centered the truck under the axle and it looks like i need to shorten the stock track bar 1-2 inches. And i need a stock piman arm. Cuz its really close to hitting the trac bar.


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Well i fabbed up the trac bar mount. Its not welded on yet cause im gonna wait till i get all the steering setup then weld just to make sure i have no problems. Also im gonna put on a stock piman arm to make clearance better at full turn and flex.I am also gonna run a piece of flat stock from the back side of the bracket over to the engine cross member.


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    solid axle swap 030.jpg
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    solid axle swap 031.jpg
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Shes done!!!!!!!

Well i finished the front besides shocks but its driveable. These springs are really soft!!! I was checking the steering and the trac bar mount was just bolted up (wanted to make sure everything worked before i started welding)and i watched the whole body move and not the tires.. I was like f#$k all that work gone so i shut the truck down and took a look,and the bracket that bolted the mount to the frame was bent and so was the bolt so after this i decided to do a few more beads too make the mount more secure. :D


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    sascomplete 004.jpg
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Update With flex shots.

Well heres some flex shots. Its only in 2 wheel drive but it gave me a good location and travel on the shocks.These coils compress really well. Tell me what yall think.


  • sas flex 003.jpg
    sas flex 003.jpg
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  • sas flex 006.jpg
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A Few More



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  • sas flex 009.jpg
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Before and after

Heres a before and after I think looks so good with the wider axle. :D


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    title 002.jpg
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  • sascomplete 001.jpg
    sascomplete 001.jpg
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splodo49 said:
Tell me what yall think.
:drool: :D

After an entire day of looking for a Dana 44, I still haven't gotten one. People SAY it's complete, and then I get there and it's missing everything but gears. :rolleyes: I have finally found one though and am picking it up tomorrow at about noon. So anyways, hopefully it won't be much longer til I have a cool poser shot like that. :p

Looks good, nice flex. How does it handle with the wider track, like in turns? Do you plan on any fender flares and would it be street legal without them?

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I really havent noticed any turning diff. My truck is so not street legal. I was gonna do fiberglass fenders but now that its not my daily driver i changed my mind. I almost got pulled over just driving a couple of blocks to the r.t.i. ramp.