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Spongy Braking fix / ABS light fix 2000 mty 5.0


March 22, 2006
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Sicklerville NJ
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2000 Mountaineer V8 - AWD
Just want to throw in some things i got fixed recently. I had spongy brakes for some time. I replaced brake fluid, slight improvement..when i replaced he front rotors and pads, the problem is totally gone.... Problem solved. I also had an ABS light on; took a guess and replaced the rear ABS Speed sensor, and lucky enough, that was it. What a pita to get that thing out of the differential..

good for you well done... How do you drain old break fluid anyway??

Simple. Remove as much old fluid from reservoir without introducing air into master cylinder. Just leav a small amount on bottom. Pour in new fluid and fill to brim. You will drain most of it in the process. The easiest, but slow, is to go to the furthest wheel, r.r. and just open the bleeding valve after you placed a piece of hose on it, and drain into a container. DO NOT use the brake pedal at this time or you will need a buddy to assist in bleeding the air out. Watch the color of the exiting fluid and when it changes to the new clean fluid color close the valve. Repeat the process with l.r. then r.f and finally l.f. wheel. Keep an eye on the reservoir and dont let it run dry, or you'll have to bleed the sysytem. Basically, gravity is forcing the fluid from the reservoir to the open valve. The faster way is to use a vacuum pump, or if you have an assistant, the press and release method.