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Sport 2014 on 18" rims / Ford dokumentation ?


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February 16, 2017
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2013 Sport
Sport 2014 on 18" rims / Ford dokumentation ?

I need a kind of documentation/paper, that Ford allows 18" rims on a 2014 Sport. Where can I find such a "doc" from Ford ? Who can help me ?

And once again: no problems with 18" rims and Explorer Sport brakes ?

I don't think you will find any Ford documentation stating it is okay to run 18" rims/wheels on a Sport. In fact the Owner's Manual carries various warning about using the correct size.
WARNING: Do not use tires sizes other than those
recommended because this can affect the normal operation of
ACC. Failing to do so may result in a loss of vehicle control, which
could result in serious injury. (Page 265)
• Keep the tires properly inflated and use only the recommended size. (Page 303)
WARNING: Keep the tires properly inflated and use only the recommended size.
same size, load index, speed rating and type (such as P-metric
versus LT-metric or all-season versus all-terrain) as those originally
provided by Ford. (Page 387)

Having posted all the above, I've been running the same 18" Interceptor steel wheels on my last 2 vehicles that came with 20" wheels/tires. All Explorers built after, I think Dec.11, 2013, have the same size brakes as the Sport. I just make sure that the tire size is as equal in diameter to the OEM tire as possible.


Ok, @peterk9, I only wish to be sure, that 18" fit on my Sport...
On the other side: the german authoritys wish to have a kind of certification, that the Explorer has no problems with 18" rims / may be I try to use papers or brochures from a Platinum or XLT ?!?
To get 18" tires to fit is not a problem...

I have 18's on my 2017 Sport (winter tires/wheels). I have the regular stock 20" wheels/tires for my summer tires. I assure you they are both fine. I know this because I researched the crap out of my wheels when I bought my 2017 -- 14 months ago. All the Explorers from 2011-present have the exact same wheel lug nut specs regardless of year and trim. But the TPMS changed in 2016.

So you'll be fine.