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Sport drivers door needed...


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June 18, 2011
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Eden, Ny
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'97 Sport
Looking for a clean Drivers side door (preferably green) for a '97 sport... Keyless entry if possible...

Let GF borrow truck... truck needs new door... Dont wanna talk about it!


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This is why you don't let her take the damn truck!
Have you checked your local craigslist or junkyards? probably your cheapest bet honestly (Shipping is a pain for something the size of a door)
Also do you know if other 2nd gen doors will fit?

Thank you everyone for your help...

I just picked up a parts truck, Came from west Virginia. Southern body, no rot. Good motor, tranny, transfer case. Disc brake 8.8 rear end (not sure what gears yet). Perfect Lift gate, Fenders passenger door, hood. Interior is not the best but it's complete.... Let me know if anyone needs anything, I'm gonna post the parts in the classifieds when I get done picking through it! oh and check out the shackles... I just did mine before it got whacked!