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Sport Mono leaf question


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July 5, 2000
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'00 Sport 4WD
Are those block looking things under the mono spring removeable? Oh and another question? How much is a new/used leaf from a 4dr X or sport trac? Im sure they fit because the 2001 sports have the real leaf pack and not the mono.


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Hey Soupbone,
I just happen to have a set of stock springs that came off my XLT. Make me an offer. The spring bushings are in very good shape.

How about $60? We could meet at the same spot where you gave me te skid plate?


How about $80 and yes we can meet at the same place.
That's still less than the price for one used, and the bushings are in good shape.

$80 is cool. Ill bring the cash. I remember it was the 2nd exit off I-5 but what was the name of it again? Would you like to meet saturday morning again?

You got a deal.
That would be the Patterson Exit.
How about 9:00am Saturday the 9th?

Hey I sent you a private message with my phone number on give me a call

Hey Soupbone

Hey Troy,
Can you give me a call, I have something important to tell you.

hehe thanks buddy...

Sport owners should scrap the mono leaf!

Wow it sure was fun getting those leafs on. Especially when the spring pops when you pull the bolt out... hehe 2nd spring i learned my lesson to use more jacks under it and line up the axle on the dial thing so it was straight. I can say that the 4dr leaf pack rides much better to me than the mono leaf and doesnt sag.

What are the differences?

Hey Soupbone,

What are the differences that you have noticed with the multi leaves vs the mono? You mentioned a better ride? Does the truck sit any higher? What about drop down articulation? This sounds like a good cheap upgrade. Are you still happy with it?
PS Nice truck! Are those pics with the "new" leaves on?

Ive noticed is that the ride is more controlled. It isnt as bouncy as before. A little stiffer which i like. I havent been off road with them yet. those pics are with the monos on. while I was under there I was thinking about taking the sway bar off next time I go wheelin. The truck is not level now. It doesn sag like the monos did. Yes im happy with it but some lady just decided to slam into my drivers side door the other day. so the truck needs togo the body shop. ill take pics later.....

Did it lift the rear any? (i:e: Back to a good hieght no sag?)

How is it with a load or towing? Does it sag as much as the mono did?