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Sport Trac 16" wheels on my First Gen - Pictures!

You can run Sport Trac 16" wheels on a 91-94, here's proof.

First image set: On my 2dr with 235/70R16 tires. Required 1.5" spacers. No clearance issues, improved road feel and stability slightly from my stock width 235/75R15 setup.


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Second image set - same rims mounted on my 4dr. With 265/75R16 (31.6" diameter) tires and 1.5" spacers. Required a 2" lift to fit properly. Front rocker trim pieces (the small ones) needed slight trimming for clearance but as you can see it's not noticeable. Only rubs the inner fenders a tiny bit at full steering lock.


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Fun unrelated bonus pictures!

Sawblades with 235/75R15s, and Limited wheels with 30" tires.

In case you were wondering, this truck has had almost every factory option wheel on it at some point. When I got it, it had stock steel wheels, and currently has the "deer hooves" style wheels visible in a picture above (temporarily until the restoration/powdercoat of my sawblades is complete).


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Looks great man, I think the XLT wheels would look even better. Definetly looks like they should've been on there from the factory.

These are the XLT's...


yeah, spokes look better imho