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sport trac 2007


January 14, 2008
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dc, washington
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2007 sport trac
behind my rear view mirrow is a box connected to an antinea.

what is it?

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If it's a small plastic module, that snaps onto your mirror post, it's the sensor for dimming your rearview mirror. If you don't have that option, I can not help ya!!!:D

What's an antinea??????????

If it is a hard wire antenna a few inches long coming out of a small black box, you may have a remote start module.

It's the compass sensor. And I'm not guessing.

A compass sensor??? Wow, never would have thought it was that!!!! I have a compass but don't have an antenna!! But I am not guessing.:p: :rolleyes: :thumbsup:

The rearview mirror sensor is on the front of the mirror, itself. It's a little photocell in the housing. There's another on the side that faces you to measure headlight glare behind you. When the front one senses darkness, the rear one looks for headlights.