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Sport Trac Bed Cap Clamp Info Needed


December 1, 2007
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05 Sport Trac XLT Premium
I have an 04 Trac.
I may be purchasing a used bed cap or topper as they are sometimes called.
I will have to drive about 50 miles to pick it up.
The seller says he has misplaced the bag of hardware that has the clamps that hold the cap to the bed.
How can I fasten it to the bed securely enough to get it home?
Can I fasten it temporarily with regular "C" clamps?
Is there a specific type of clamp i need to purchase for permanent installation?

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Our beds are closed boxes unlike other beds with an inside rail. You'll need to get ST specific clamps to mount the cap but to get it home I'd use Rachel straps and the tie down hooks on the outside of the bed. Place a blanket between the straps and cap so you don't scrape up the paint and or the side glass with the ratchets. I'm on my phone so I can't post pictures but if you search caps/ camper topper you'll see pictures of the clamps on mine and others.

Yeah it is common for these covers to be sold without the brackets and they are a PIA to find anyway so unless it is dirt cheep I would pass.

You can get the ST clamps at any truck cap seller or truck outfitters, etc...

if you plan to run the cap all the time you can drill through the bed rail and bolt it down

I would strongly suggest not doing that, these caps and our bed cap rails aren't like regular steel beds. Just my opinion.

yeh or you can make your own brackets that attach to the inside tie downs. the heavy duty wratcheting tie-downs the ones 18 wheelers use on chains might be an option.

just trying to throw all options out there just in case the correct sport trac specific bracket is not available

I had a heck of a time finding clamps at any of my local shops no one had em. Maybe you have better shops. I ended up selling my cap got so mad.

Would '01-'05 F-150 SuperCrew clamps work? Aren't those boxes similar to ours?

No they were still metal and had true bed rails, not flush like the STs.

Just a thought, but if it's the factory bed cap you could just fold it in half and place it in the bed until you get home.

He's getting a "cap" not a tonneau cover. Honest mistake.

G194 is the clamp I have for mine.

G194 is the same as mine too, so you should be good with those.

Well, I went & looked at it, & purchased it last night.
My Craigslist deal of the year for me.

Below are some pics.
The 1st pic shows how I had it strapped down to get it home. I was a bit concerned, but the straps held it securely.
The 2nd one is what it will look like properly installed. (I still have to get the clamps)... Also will have to give it a good cleanup & purchase new back window lift cylinders.

Thanks again guys for all your suggestions.



Glad to hear you got it, good deal.

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how much did you get it for? thats an awesome cap. i know because i have the same one. the best part about it is that its just one solid piece of glass instead of a series of windows and rubber trim around them. its a great looking cap, i remember going to my local camper shell dealer to get a sert of new struts and the guys there were telling me how bad ass it was. you should be able to find the brackets for it at any outfitter shop, nice pick up!