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Sport Trac riding 37"s, WHAT!?!

Between this:


and Johnstone's:


I'd rather drive the latter :D

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Keep in mind that Johnstones doesnt have a lift kit on the front either.

Keep in mind that Johnstones doesnt have a lift kit on the front either.

what is Jonstone running then?...a sloped BL?....cause he is SOA, or does he jsut have a 3" rake?

He has fiberglass fenders. So its a rake, but the fenders have more wheel space so you cant really tell all that well.


damn...i want mine to look like that first one...but the $$$...

Keep in mind that Johnstones doesnt have a lift kit on the front either.

I guess he hasn't weighed in, but the last I knew, Johnstone's Trac had a bodylift, TT front, and a sprung-over rear plus shackles, in addition to the fiberglass front fenders. So he's getting a bunch of lift from the rear and the bigger front fenders do sort of hide the rake somewhat.

FWIW, a big part of the Superlift lift comes from dropping the front crossmember which then negates some of the ground clearance that you gain from the lift.

The Dixon Bros kit is the real shiznit for a 4x4 but it costs a boxcar load of money.

Good pick, thanks Johnstone. I didn't mean to be speaking for you. You can see how the torsion bars get lowered as well, which depending on what kind of wheeling you do (or don't do), may or may not be a good idea. The torsion bars and crossmember aren't any lower than stock, but the rest of the truck gets lifted above them. So in a way, all you gain in lift from the low points of the truck is what you gain from the taller tires that the lift kit lets you fit. Did that make sense?

Comparison of a Superlift...


The black one on the top has huge shackles on it, it would be a lot lower with stock shackles on it. Just my 2 cents.

The black one on the top has huge shackles on it, that is what is giving it such a rake.
Pretty sure its the SOA thats giving it most of the "rake".
The bottom SportTrac is still SUA

what type of suspension lift is the 2wd sport trac using,im trying to find a lift for mine now and im coming up with nothing

If memory serves, the black 2wd Trac has a torsion twist and Ranger Edge 3.5" dropped spindles, a 3" body lift, add-a-leafs and rearched springs in the rear. It's also hiding a 350 Chevy engine, Turbo 400 tranny, and 5.13 gears, but that's a whole other story.

holy crap thats sick,but why drop spindles

I'll preface this by saying that the photo is not my truck, but it's on 37's.


I'd go with either the RCD or Dixon Bros. Ranger kit for the front, sprung over on the rear, with fiberglass fenders you might not need a bodylift, or use a bodylift.
You will need more gear to turn 37's, which is an issue because AFAIK the highest gear you can get for the front Dana 35 is a 4.56. The Trac in the photo is a 4x2 and it has 5.13 gears in the rear.

Dude where did you find this sporttrac at?? Just wondering what kinda fender flares those are and what are u guys talkin about when you say fiberglass fenders??? let me know, thanks CMAX

Those are bushwacker fender flares, and the sport trac right below it at the top of this page has fiberglass fenders. If you look, the wheel well is much larger than the stock fenders.

thanks - CMAX~~~