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Sport Trac Wheels on a regular Explorer


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January 12, 2009
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Lilburn, Ga
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2006 Eddie Bauer 2WD V8
I just bought my wife a used 2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer with 24K, we love it, however it is in the shop right now getting various TSB's applied (not necessarily because it needs them, however I am friends with the service manager and he is having them done to make sure I don't need them in the future). Unfortunately I have a major issue with the vehicle, the fake-chrome wheels that came with it, they happen to be the 18" Chrome-plastic covered wheels that I've heard so much negative talk about. I found a great deal on a newer set of 18" machined wheels from a 2008 Sport Trac (the guy put 22" wheels on it, retarded if you ask me). They look really nice, and the tire size is the same as the ones currently on my 2006. I have a few questions before I buy them:
  1. Of course the most obvious question I have is will they fit?
  2. Assuming I keep the Tire Pressure Sensors from the old wheels, will they be transferrable to the new ones?
  3. Has anyone done this before? And are there any pictures of what it looks like?

All feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I have a feeling I posted this in the wrong forum, is there a way to transfer it to the right one?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the 08 Trac wheels will fit. They use the same ones. TPMS sensors should work, but there are different types. Check with your friend at the dealer just to be safe.

Well that's good news, as far as the TPMS sensors, I'll worry about that when I get to it, the guy I have putting them on for me told me he has the straps to attach them if needed, but he said they may be the kind that attach to the valve stem as well, so either way I should be covered. Below are two images, what I have right now, and what I'm putting on. When it's all done, I'll show a pic of the finished product:

From: (Not my wheel, just a pic I found online)

To: (In my opinion much nicer looking.)

Can't wait to see the after pic! I'm not sure how I feel about the fake plastic chrome wheels either.

Sport trac wheels


Those Sport Trac wheels will fit no problem. They ar same wheels used on Iron man package for 07 and 08 Explorers



Those Sport Trac wheels will fit no problem. They ar same wheels used on Iron man package for 07 and 08 Explorers


Ronco, do you have any picks of what those wheels look like on the Ironman edition? I just did a Google Search and all I found was this:


The wheels look similar but aren't the same, let me know what you think,


OK everyone, I just got the new wheels installed, and they look a helluva lot better than the chrome ones. I had a few hiccups on the way, here is what I ended having to buy:

When I went to the dealership to have them swapped out, they said ok it will be $40.00 to swap the wheels, that includes dismount, mount, balance and new valve stems.

When the mechanic took off the tires, he suddenly realized that these wheels have "TPS straps", meaning these huge hose-clamp type straps that wrap around the wheel and hold the Tire Pressure Sensor on. Having owned a Toyota where the TPS's were mounted behind the valve stem, I think this is a great idea, because one time when I had new tires put on it, the mechanic ruined two sensors by pressing on the tire in the wrong place to remove it. These straps prevent that because it keeps the sensors safely away from the edges of the wheels.

OK, I like the idea of having them strapped, however, I ended up having to pay $55.00 a peice for new ones to go on the wheels. Apparently the ones installed from the factory are for "single use" and are permanently locked on.

The new replacement straps use a screw type fastener which needs to be tightened every time the tires are replaced (over time they loosen up from what I'm told).

I already had a new type strap on one of my wheels (previous owner must have done something????). So I ended up only having to pay for 3 of them, at $55.00 a peice. The SW said that the labor was 2.0 hours for these type of wheels. However I talked him into charging me the same labor that he originally quoted, because he looked at the wheels, he told me what it would cost, and he knew he had made the mistake, not me. So all together, I paid around $205.00 with tax. Quite a bit more than I originally expected, but well worth it.

It looks really good, and I'll post an image as soon as I clean the outside of the vehicle when it stops raining here.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a set of 4 2006 Explorer EB 18" Chrome Rims WITH 3 out of 4 TPS straps for sale. Apparently they are over $500.00 a peice at the dealer, but I'll take $175.00 a peice if anyone is interested.

I'll post the pic soon, thanks for all the advice!