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Sport Trac with Ranger bed


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May 31, 2010
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Kankakee, il
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2004 Sport Trac Adrenalin
Hey guys,

I'm brand new here. I currently have a ranger, but have a huge interest in the sport trac; my only downfall against them is the 4' bed. so here is my question:

Is there anyone on here or anyone who has seen a ranger bed on a sport trac, but most importantly, do you have pictures??

Im basically looking for pictures of this. I might be buying a sport trac soon and would love to put a 6' ranger bed on a trac. :)

Thanks guys!


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With the cupped rear passenger compartment section of the Trac, I don't think a Ranger bed with it's straight vertical leading edge would look very good on a ST. Just my opinion, but I haven't seen it done before.

It would require some "molding" to make it look good. I agree it would look kinda weird, but im just looking for pictures.



lol, whats the "O" face for???

Are you prepared for the (major) surgery this would take?

You'd have to lengthen everything - frame, fuel lines, brake lines, wiring harnesses, driveshaft, EVERYTHING - behind the cab to make the bed physically fit. That set of tasks make the surgery to the bed itself to match the back of the cab look like a a pretty simple task. You'd also have to extend everything behind the rear axle if you want to keep the additional length there. And then nothing would match - the wheelwell openings on the ST won't match the Ranger bed, and the body lines won't line up.

I think that's what the "O" face is for...

If the mods to the foundation don't scare you, I think I'd get another ST bed and use it to graft onto the stock bed to get the additional length you're after.

Ok, so i did happen to find a photoshopped pic of what im looking for. Its with a lengthened sport trac bed instead of a ranger bed, but it got me thinking...


That photochop is showing the Sport Trac with a stretched frame/wheelbase. The stock Sport Trac has a 126inch wheelbase, which is already quite long. Looking at the wiki's the longest Ranger has the same wheelbase as the Sport Trac. So are you going to lengthen the frame to support the longer bed?

that looks butt ass ugly

Sounds like what you want is a crew-cab Ranger, with a long-bed. Does such a thing exist? Perhaps in some Ranger model, only available in another country?

For that matter, a Crew Cab F-150 isn't going to be much bigger/heavier/etc.. than what you're trying to do, and it's a.) available "off-the-shelf", b.) much more time and cost-effective then trying to make this franken-truck you're thinking about., and c.) is made for, and will, therefor, do the job much better.

Buy a Ranger crew cab in Mexico :), there's a member here that did it and said he had no problems importing it to the US

If you have a bed extender it makes it the same length as a short-box Ranger.