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Sport Trac


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February 12, 2001
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hey everyone, i just got a sport trac (4wd) last week and i have been looking for a way to lift it. I went to 4wheelparts and they told me the only superlift is coming out with a lift and they wont have one out til summer, mid-summer, too long to wait. Then I went to PG series and they told me that they have a trailmaster lift in stock for my car and the quoted me 2500 installed with out tires and rims. The tires and rims (33' bfg a/t, weld super single II's) at 1690. Now i am really bamboozled at this sort of figure. i know my truck is fairy new and lifts are expensive or whatever but this is highway robbery. before i bought my ST, the dealership told me skyjacker, trailermaster, and superlift have lifts coming out. I have only heard of TM, and Super lift so far. Which would be the better of these lifts and anyone have an estimate of how much i should be paying? anything would help ive been the to TM website and there is no info about the lift. Superlift's has a little bit of infor but no release dates or prices. I think pg's idea of the superlift is a make shift lift throw and swapped with different parts. Someone Help!!! :)

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Would it be possible to put a coil-over system on my truck? if so abotu how much woudld it run for? I heard they have to custom weld and egine cage or something..

Sdenver, just out of curiosity and not to be nosy, what did you pay for your sport trac? i'm considering trading in my mountaineer for a sport trac. I can probably get one for about 22 or 23k

No lifts are currently made for the Sport Trac, but there should be one out from Trailmaster in the fall.

Weld rims are VERY expensive, that's why you got a huge price tag.

well i got mine last sunday at bob baker the sticker price was about 28,500, and I was lucky enough to get a 4000 dollar rebate which was only good for that weekend. But when i added the moonroof (aftermarket) with tax and all it came up to about 31

damn i was hoping to get a lift too. :( I have been seeing a lot of posts about "wp shackles" how much lift would i get from that and a torsion lift and bigger tires? i wanted it a little bit higher in the front for the cali lift look any sugestions?

WP shackles you can get at Desert Rat and that will give you about 1-1.5"

The torsion twist will give you about 1.5" in the front.

There is a guy on here that fit 33 BFG KO's with just that on his ST.

ya i saw his lift it looks pretty god, but i wanted it high in the front it that possible using the same setup?

would replacing my shocks with race runner\bilstein\doetcsh tech coil-over's give me a good amount of lift? how much do u think that will run around? what about just replacing them with explorer pro-comp or edlebrock shocks with national springs? any idea of a price?