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sport trac


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March 13, 2016
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palm bay florida
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2005 ford sport trac
hi am new at this. I have a 2005 ford sport trac explorer would like to know on the overhead roof ceiling console dome map light bulb lamp. the copper strip where bulb sits burn up. is there any way to replace that, also can I get power off the wire that I disconnect to put led bulb I look for this at amazon asking $86.00. the overhead console has sun roof switch I know at ford dealer they asking about 300 to 500 dollars I can not afford that. if any one can help me with this
thank you.:)

Been through the same thing, I went to my local junk yard and pulled the entire unit out of an Explorer (anything '95-'00 should work). There are some differences in the console itself and a few different styles of lamp were used over the years, I just found one that had the same 194 lamps and when I got it home I switched out the guts with my overhead console.

It's a little bit easier to just remove the entire assembly - light fixture and temp/compass display than to seaparate them and reassemble one existing part with the new part, and then just go through the initiation procedure for the compass. Which is what I opted to do.

I think they charged me around $15 or $20 for the whole thing. Check on Ebay if you feel like saving yourself a trip to the junkyard.

I went to thank you for the info. and yes I would in the junk yard and If i don't find it i'll check e bay thank you again.