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Sport Truck Forum rules

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james t

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January 27, 2002
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This forum follows all of the guidelines in the forum rules section. In addition to the forum rules, here are my own guidelines-

1- Play nice. Mild horseplay is allowed as long as it doesn't go too far. Let's keep it friendly.

2- If you ask an opinion on something, be prepared to get constructive criticism. If critical posts aren't constructive, they will dissappear. This is not an open ended invitation to flame someone's truck or modification.

3- If you make a generic "I don't like lowered trucks" post, it will dissappear. This is the Sport Truck forum. If you dont like Sport Trucks or Sport Truck type modifications, then this is not the forum for you.

4- Above all else, PM or Email me. I love feedback. If you don't like something, tell me about it. If you don't like a post, then report it. If you dont like a post I made, tell me about it. I do not rule with an iron fist and there is NO reason to be timid around me. If I have done something wrong, I have no problem either admitting it or defending it. Having a difference of opinion with me WILL NOT GET YOU INTO TROUBLE.

Not open for further replies.