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Sportster's tale

Here she comes! Finally making her debut on these pages... Once again I have build a truck that not only looks good... it performs as well. She began as a regular 1994 Sport about a year ago when she was first parked in my garage. I new I could not stay away from building trucks for long... and regreted selling my Un-Limited... experiance of building another truck was extrordinary. I have spent nearly a year, on and off, adding things, replacing, modifying... making her better - better looking, more functional and better performer. My job is not entirly done.... it will never be.... here she comes... ready to get out and show off!!! Look through my gallery for more pictures.... more pictures will be coming soon too as I'm about to install an ARB style front bumper with a winch and spare tire carrier on rear bumper. I'm also considering replacing rear drive shaft with some custom made stuff... less vibration... more to come for sure...



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Looks nice, but didn't you already start a thread about it today?

I have started this one in the registry and then placed some pictures in the "Before and After" forum... wanted to kill two birds with one stone... Elite is Elite, you know.

Brian... Badlands looks good in Spring but Volo seems like a good place to meet again..... begining of March perhaps????

Oh....ok. It still is a very nice truck.

Come on Brian. You know you want to go to Volo.

thanks... work has not been done yet... as I mentioned before I'd like to install an ARB style bumper on my truck and a winch and then I'm ready to hit some trails... it took a while to get it going... the shop that worked on my truck kept it since begining of December.... Matt from Attitude Performance is slow but does a great job.

BTW... Badlands? I have heard about a place somewhere in Illinois - new place... remember problems with zoning that someone had trying to open an off-road park? they got it resolved... I'll find out more!

yeah... Rockport is about 300 miles from me.... it's further than Attica!

looks good.....i like it.. more magusta

good looks is not everything... it has to perform.

and we'll see about that come Spring!