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Spring Spacers

mussey ex

March 20, 2009
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Franklin, NH
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Installing a set of Daystar 2" coil spring spacers tomorrow.

Does anyone know the size of the nut, for the spring retaining stud???

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Think its 1 1/8". I use the big Reese hitch ball wrenches...

Oh, and if you haven't already, go soak them with PB Blaster NOW!

Thanks! I was just looking thru old post, and the general answer is 1-1/8"
Kinda forget about the search feature.

Have been soaking for 2 wks. now. Tommorrow is hell day......

2" spring spacer
wheel bearings
u joints

Gotta Love how those spindles come off..."just tap it with a rubber mallet" Yeah right!

For my spindles, I had to put the hub nut back on and use a puller pushing against the axle shaft.

Gotta Love how those spindles come off..."just tap it with a rubber mallet" Yeah right!

Thats all I do.. Well, sometimes I use a 3lbs sledge and a piece of 2x4 if its never been off. Of course, I've never had to take one off of a vehicle in the rust belt so I'm spoiled.


I did a BroncoII a cople years back, not fun! 4x4 presure treated post + 5 pound sledge = lots of sweating + no luck. That was a nightmare, 2 days, and a new axle shaft latter.
Hope it's easier this time around.

New Hampshire is great for rust! Im going to name it the Titanic!

So, the spring spacers are done, wheel bearings, axle seals, wheel seals, and U-joints....Great weekend.

So now my tires sit at the classic V shape, caster/camber allingment bushings? Where to get them? and how extreme can I go?