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Sputtering at 55


December 13, 2000
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Thanks in advance for any help you guys give me....
OK here is the problem about a month ago i got my spark plugs changed because my 92 Explorer sport kept sputtering at 55mph and it turned out my spark plug and spark plug wires have never been changed by the previous owner! OH MY where they ugly looking.. After that my explorer ran like a champ.. Then today i pulled out of school and i drove in a water puddle going about 45 pulling out of school and i went and got gas.. About 3 hours later my car was sputtering at 55 all over agian! The worst thing is... is that i am driving it to Florida in about 4 days for spring break... Any input would be greatly appreciated if you can tell me what might be wrong.. I am thinking either i got water in my intake somehow and it will eventually wear off or i got water in my distubartor cap... What do you think??
Thanks alot