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Sqeeling belt just won't stop.


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May 11, 2004
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Gainesville, Florida
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1998 Eddie 4wd 4.0 sohc
I am continuing to have trouble with a belt noise.

I have replaced the belt,
replaced the idler pulley,
replaced the tensioner pulley
rebuilt the bearings on the alternator,
and most recently changed the water pump.

...After changing the water pump the noise stopped, although when the shop changed the water pump they failed to line up all of the grooves on the serpentine belt and the belt shredded one or two grooves off. After a month or so I then changed the serpentine belt and the noise started again.

What else would it be?

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try spraying some belt dressing on it

Check your tensioner (belts do stretch) and also check your belt again, make sure no chips are missing. It can happen!


just make sure they are pulled tight enough had this prob on my 84 chevy caprice the pulley kept moving cause the hole for the bolt that held it in was stripped so i drilled out the back and shoved a long bolt through and put on 2 nuts so it wouldnt loosen up never had a prob after that even after i wrecked the car it still ran no probs and NO SQUEAK lol

Tensioner has been replaced did not affect, I hae also replaced the belt 3 times no change. With the serpentine setup there are no adjusting points for any of the accesories that I can tell only the tensioner to keep the tension?

Belt dressing made it even worse.


Did you use the same brand of belt all 3 times?

By you saying that you have replaced everything that the belt rides on, it leads me to beleive that you have a crooked mounting point for something. Whether it be the tensioner, a/c, alternator, etc... It seems like the belt is not riding on a pully in a straight fashion somewhere. When I used to own a nissan truck, i got into a front end crash and afterward I could never get the belt to quit squeeling. Come to find out, a mounting spot for my a/c unit was bent ever so slightly and made the belt grind on the outside groove wall of the pully.

Maybe not, but worth a look.

I tried belt dressing on a 95 SHO S belt. It was a disaster. Sqeaked horrible. Ended up replacing. I don't know why they sqeak but changing the belt along with cleaning all pullies has worked for me. Of course the tensioner and everything else must be ok too. Don't ya just hate it!

AC compressor was mounted slightly crooked. Problem Solved.

voodooklng said:
AC compressor was mounted slightly crooked. Problem Solved.

How did you figure that out? Was it visually off? Or did you have to measure?