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Squeaking When Rolling, Goes Away When Pressing Brake


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October 9, 2016
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2000 Explorer
I have a 2000 XLT and whenever I'm driving I hear this constant squeak. It starts at 25MPH and at around 50-55 MPH it goes away. If I am cruising at say 30 MPH, the squeak will constantly get louder and louder, until I lightly press the brake. Then the sound goes away. But after I depress the brake, the squeak comes back!

I have looked around online and obviously it is a brake problem. It sounds like it is coming from the front drivers side. The pads look to be in good condition and the rotors are still good and shiny (on both sides). It has been a couple years since I put them on, so I went out and bought new pads (Duralast Gold I think). I haven't installed them yet, but will if you guys think that is the problem. The shields dont seem to be rubbing against the rotor as well. I don't think it is a wheel bearing issue either, but those havent been replaced after 232k miles.

The problem could be with the back, which also confuses the hell out of me. On both sides of the rear the caliper was sticking and the pads were rubbing and wearing out. The rotors were covered in rust before I noticed. I replaced the boots and slide pins 3 times and still the pads would wear out. Finally, I replaced the whole caliper on both sides and put new pads and pins. Both sides seem to be doing better, but the rotors still arent as clear and shiny as the fronts. There is brake fluid going to the caliper when i bled them. The squeaking sounds like it is coming from the front but is it possible its coming from back still???

Thanks guys!

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Bad wheel bearings. ( Unlikely unless further symptoms)
Low brake pads. (possible)
Sticky/seized calipers. ( Unlikely, it's an Explorer.)
Brake clips rubbing on rotor. (Probable)


Check your brake pads and clips. or whatever they are called. the stainless steel things that go between your pads and caliper.

Worn brake pads maybe. There are noise makers on the pads which contact the rotor to let you know when the friction material is low. If there's still plenty of material on the pads yet, it could be the pads need to have some brake goop on their shims. It's sticky stuff and it prevents squeaking/squealing. I like Permatex brand Brake Quiet. I never install pads w/out it.

Duralast Gold pads are ok, but are a semi metallic pad and will blacken your front wheels. I use AutoZone's C-Max ceramic pads. They come with new anti-rattle clips and a premium shim material. Ceramic pads tend to not blacken your front wheels the way organic and semi metallic pads do. They also seem to stop much better.

I had the typical brake squeal like the pads needed replaced. Hit the brake, and it would go away. I figured the front brakes were due, so I replaced the front pads and rotors. Still had the squeal. I bought some Syl Glide, and lubed all the suggested lube points as suggested in the pad directions. Still had the squeal. I talked to a buddy who manages a auto parts chain store, and he suggested it might be a front wheel bearing, so I bought a replacement hub unit. I was still not really convinced it was a bearing, so one night I drove on an open road, opened the driver door, and hung halfway out listening. Hit the brakes, and :censored:, it's the rear brakes. I was leaving town soon, so I had my local mechanic take care of them. Noise gone.