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Squeaky servos


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January 21, 2008
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Dallas, Texas
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'02 XLS
Hi all,

I've got an '02 explorer with the 5R55W, 43,000 miles. It has done this for a long time now but when the transmission is cold and I shift into drive or reverse from park, I can here the servos distinctly, from inside of the truck, make a high pitch noise when the truck engages into drive or reverse.

There is nothing wrong with the transmission and it shifts flawlessly.

Do you think that sounds the servos make is an indication of an impending doom that the servo's pins are wearing into the bore of the transmission case?

Or is this just a sound from the servo's gaskets and nothing to worry about?

I assume that sound is the servos.

-Just wondering if this was normal. Thanks.

Does no body else hear an audible squeak from their transmission when they engage into drive or reverse?