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Squealing/Rattling noise


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August 21, 2011
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2002 Explorer
Hey guys,

To get started here I have a 2002 Explorer with the 4.0 V6.

When ever I'm driving I get some sort of squealing/rattling noise that sounds like its coming from under the hood.

It usually happens between 2000 and 2500 RPM's, and when I let off the gas it stops.

I would like to figure out whats causing this, but I'm not very automotive savvy. :p:

Oh yeah this is my first post here. :D


Sounds like it could be timing chain concern. There is a ton of info on this problem on this site.

Be careful

Your "symptom" is exactly what we just went through on our '02. Since this is your first post I hope this doesn't scare you... but our bill was $1,600 to have it fixed and fixed and fixed again. The bottom line is I let a mechanic attempt it and he didnt have the right facilities to do it. He ended up bending 2 of the valves and even after he "fixed" it, I had to reconnect the A/C compressor, the windshield washer lines, and an A/C vacuum lined. Cheapest mechanic can sometimes mean most expensive in the long run. I found out that our '02 with the 4.0 had the front and rear timing chains... also found out on our 4.0 that it has been nicknamed the 4.0no by most mechanics. The noise you may be hearing is your steel timing chain hitting the worn plastic guides. My advice to you is get it checked out by a certified mechanic even if it means paying a little extra $$... you'll be glad you did. Hope that helps and hoping you have better luck than we did.

Sounds to me like the infamous timing chain...mine makes a similar noise and that's what I've believed it to be. If it's only just noise I can live with that...but if it means one day (and how soon?) the engine will suddenly cease to continue working due to this, I may have to look into raising it on the To-Do list.