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ST badge. Thought this was a cool idea,not sure anymore. Need opinions!


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March 6, 2013
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Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
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2003 sport trac xlt 4x4
I thought this could work for "sport trac" and thought it was kind I cool. not sure how I feel about it now. I ended up getting the ST on the grille but i was also thinking of removing the sport trac emblem on the tailgate and getting a silver ST badge.

So I now need opinions!
Oh and I know it's not perfectly straight but I just quickly put it on


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I get it. I'm not sure non-Sport Trac people would, though. I often come across people who don't even know what my truck is even with factory badging on it. Like you, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It doesn't look out of place, I guess. Certainly not bad and it might grow on you. Hard to say.

I hated the 4x4 emblem I put on my truck just because I felt obligated when my dad bought it for me. Thought for sure I'd remove it after his first visit but it's been there over two years now. Maybe drive around with it for awhile and see how it "feels."

Who knows, maybe you'll pick up a few horsepower.:D I hear good things about those STs.

Sorry to be of no help at all.

No you were helpfull. From an angle it looks kind of cool. It was $5 off eBay so I think ill sport it for a bit, maybe I will get used to it. But also I don't care what non - sport trac people think beause half of them like you said don't even know what the truck is lol

I like it! I feel like maybe I like it cuz it matches the truck. If I got one I'd paint the red parts black and slap it on in a heartbeat!

I like it, is it a STi emblem from a Subaru with the "i" chopped off? Maybe see what it'll look like directly under the ford emblem.

looks straight to me. AND AWESOME! :thumbsup: It's a Ford emblem. For the Focus, Fiesta, and others? I just peeked on Ebay. They come in all different colors. Black,blue,red,white,orange,black carbon fiber...
I may be stealing this.(the idea that is) Thanks!

EDIT: just ordered. also one that comes as a metal emblem stick-on for the rear(or wherever) Thanks again! Nice find

Thanks! I got it off eBay for like $5. They do come on the different colours but ford only makes it in red. I was thinking about getting a tailgate one and removing the sport trac badge it has but I want it in silver, unfortunately the silver ones lookCHEAP.

Oh and I my washers came silver not black so you could see the hardware behind the grille. Picture showed black ones. They also kind of stick out so I used round ones to make it a cleaner look.

And no it's not an STi badge but I do see the resemblance lol

I think it looks good, didn't notice the washers until you said something but I'm on my phone. Just remove and mask off the emblem and paint the washers and mounting hardware flat black and you won't see it (gloss black will be noticable).

The original ones it came with are really long and even if i over lapped it it kind of sticks out so even if i painted those ones black it would look kind of funny lol so i just used round ones (the picture i have attached to the thread are the ones it came with) But i will have to eventually paint them to hide the washers better.

Im definitely liking the badge alot more now that i used round ones and that ive been driving my truck the last 2 days !:D

ypu can also go on this site and get individual decals or a three pack(grille,rear, and steering wheel) for $19.99. available in many color schemes