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ST in houston

So i'm still fairly new here...Only had my X for about 6 weeks and this is where i've gotten.

Name is Gregg...No that isnt a typo
2004 Sport Trac XLS with the awesome fanny pack :thumbdwn:
Spring/Houston Texas

*Sorry for the quality of the pics...they were taken on my phone






Mods are included in sig...but...

Copperhead Fab Shackles (2")
2" TT with bolts from Fastenal
Westin Safari Bar w/ 100w Driving lights from Harbor Freight ($23)
255/70/16 Tires, Very soon to be 285/75/16's
JVC Arsenal Head Unit
2 12" subs behind drivers seat
Galls St160 Emergency Siren
Silverstar Turn Signals
Tinted/Painted Tails and 3rd Brake light
Trailer Lights in the Fog Light Holes

This is my old whip so forgive me if i sound like a noOb when it comes to trucks


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Welcome, and nice Trac... You're off to a great start.

welcome and nice sport trac

Thank y'all. I have big plans for this truck come tax return time

Hey man, I'm in Cypress - close to 290. I'm in a '93 sport so you got me beat on pretty, but give me a shout if you wanna run the roads sometime.

Definitely(sp) I'm getting 33's and 4.56's when the tax return comes in so I'll give ya a buzz

how do you like the copperhead shackles?
debating between those and the warrior.

Honestly, they suck. The holes that were drilled were way too small, so I had to go buy a $15 drill bit and new grade 8 nuts and bolts to fit the new 1/2" holes I drilled. Then, the shackles weren't wide enough to fit over the leaf springs, so I had to beat them with a hammer to fit correctly. I called the owner, and he was no help. I pretty much spent more than I would have if I would have just sucked it up and paid for the warriors. All that **** for an extra .5" and to save a buck

already have em. Just need to get some pics up. Maybe tonight I'll get some

oh nice, you fit them without a lift?....Pictures would be nice. I love ST's

nice x sport trac