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ST Opening Splash Screen

Jack W

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February 24, 2020
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Edmond, OK
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2020 Explorer ST
Has anyone noticed the difference between the opening and closing Sync splash screens on their ST? Opening screen has Ford Performance but closing screen has a big red ST overlayed with the Ford Performance screen. Has anyone found a way to get the ST overlay closing screen for opening when system boots up? The closing screen is way cooler.

Also, my 2017 had an icon on the home screen notifying of an unread incoming text message; could just touch that icon and be taken directly to the text message. I don't see that on my new ST; have to go to phone, messages in order to see/hear any incoming texts. Is there a setting that needs changing?

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What happens when you touch the "Text message received" icon. Anything?


On the 2017, I could touch the message icon on the home screen and be taken directly to the list of text messages where I could either manually select a message to play or use the voice command 'listen to message _'.

On the 2020 there is no notification of a new message on the home screen (despite the owner's manual saying there should be - page 426), so first off I don't know there is a new message. IF I see the new message notification directly on my phone, I can use Sync and touch phone, then message which takes me to the list of messages where I can either manually select the message or use the voice command - however without the home screen icon, I don't know there is a new message waiting. Storing the phone on the console charging pad keeps it out of sight, so seeing the message notification is highly unlikely.

PS - I'm using the same phone and settings as I had in the 2017.

It was page 426 that initiated my question. :)


I get a notification icon at the top left. I can even have it read to me. Can't understand it sadly. I will stop and have the system repeat it.