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Stalling at a stop?


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March 15, 2014
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Toronto, Ontario
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2003 explorer limited.
Hey all. I've got a 2003 4.6 and its doing some odd things...for example if i am driving and come to a light sometimes the rpms will drop almost 1000rpm.And sometimes the rpms will drop enough that the truck will stall completely. Also i noticed that from Park when i put it in drive. It will sit for a couple seconds before it actually engages. And it will shift fine when im on the gas.. But shifts kinda soft and sloppy if I'm just cruising about... But it only does this stuff.. Sometimes... Iwill go for days it will be Ok... Then maybe do it one day or two and return to normal..... Seems like its just a lil moody like my ex wife... Like she gets mad everytime i say i wish i had a mustang and decides to irritate me a lil. Lol

No codes?

Low RPM at idle usually happens after disconnecting the battery. Due to losing the learned memory settings and a dirty throttle body.

But I've not known that to impact driving.

Take it to an AAMCO and have them check the tranny.