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Stalling in Reverse

bill rowe

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May 8, 2000
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I have a 97 XLT SOHC that starts, idles, and runs flawlessly except when I put it in reverse it stalls. It doesn't happen all the time and not immediately and it seems to be worse when the engine is hot. Happens a lot when I'm coming out of my driveway which is on a steep incline. I must slow down when I get to the top because of oncoming traffic and that's when it stalls, especially if the car was just driven and is still warm/hot. The minute I put it in reverse the rpm drops slightly below 500 and the car starts idling rough, put it drive rpm increases and car idles smooth. Replaced fuel and air filters but it still stalls. Read a post about cleaning the mass air flow sensor w/ carb cleaner. Could that be causing it? Is this a fuel injection, ignition or transmission related problem? Any suggestions or tips? Thanx.

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[This message has been edited by bill rowe (edited 05-10-2000).]