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September 4, 2007
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Recently my 1995 Explorer with 166k miles will periodically stall when coming to a stop. It does not do this all the time and appears to only experience this problem after having been driven and then shut down and then restarted shortly thereafter (say for example, driving to the grocery store, purchasing items and then returning 10 minutes later to drive home). If I do not keep the accelerator depressed to some degree (while also braking) at red lights, stop signs, etc., the engine will stall and to get it restarted, I have to turn the key and quickly depress the accelerator after the engine turns over or it will stall again.

Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

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check the IAC (Idle air control) valve, they periodically need to be cleaned or replaced

Welcome to the forum BTW !!

Thanks for the inforamtion and the welcome.


If there is something wrong with the IAC, should that not cause the check engine light to come on?

Thanks again.

Thanks again. If replacing the IAC, is there any reason to use the dealer part ($120) over Autozone's ($45) part?

well not unless you want to waste 75 bucks :D