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Stanislaus nat'l forest and river


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March 23, 2011
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03 sport trac XLT
this post has a ton of pics but i thought i would share to all the nor-cal members and even nevada and so-cal members this beautiful place called the stanislaus nat'l forest. warning: this post is picture heavy!

this particular spot on the river is called candy rock. there are crazy places to cliff dive from, ill post some youtube video. being the old man that i am, i didnt attempt any jumps, my dog has a tendency to do what i do and i didnt want to risk him following me in.

this place is about a 2.5 hour drive from the bay area. basically, you get on 4 east and just keep driving until you get to about angels camp. then just look for forestry road called hunter dam road. its a quick little turn that you can miss very easily so be on the look out. the forestry road is pretty smooth but about a mile in it gets a little rougher, but not too much. then its a fairly easy drive into the gorge with beautiful views for about 5 miles. the road will end and thats where you have to set out on foot. its a short climb down to the river bank and form there its all gravy.

the dogs were pretty juiced to be going on a road trip

in these pics you can somewhat see how the river cuts and carves these ridges. you can see on the left of the first picture the little dirt trail that leads you to the bottom.


here's a few pics where we stopped to take in more of the view



dogs were loving the view

here's the mrs. with the trac

these are a few cool shots i took using a little pool of water that was from the rains. there were still tadpoles in it trying to grow legs before the puddle dried up




here's a shot of a little rapid section on this river

a couple more







the water and current cut these crazy holes into the granite and i am not kidding when i say that the rocks are smoother than glass.


here's an artsy shot i took of the mrs. while she was sunbathing

the dogs had a blast



a couple more shots as we left



hope you guys liked the pics. if anyone in cali needs more info on this place just hit me up. just when i thought ive seen all of california, i find another gem like this. this river is 64 miles long and you could explore it for weeks. im going to plan another trip out there in a few weeks and maybe do a little fishing.

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Beautiful pics, beautiful scenery, and beautiful dogs! This place makes me wish I lived near some mountains haha. :biggthump

here's a video clip i shot while driving the trail. it gives a little better perspective on how high we were. this was the smoother part of the trail. on the rough patches, i needed both hands to drive and didnt want to risk it.

This makes me miss moving from north Georgia and being so close to the Appalachians. Nice pictures.

Even though I'm in the mountains up here in western Pa. there is many places to go trailin' or offroading unless you know someone with land, even then it's not much more then dirt roads and farm roads.

I seriously miss living in the mountains of eastern Oregon and up in Bellingham, Wash., so many places to go over there. You can go two miles from where I lived in Stanfield, Oregon from the high desert into some serious mountains where it still snows up into May and June.

hey rebel, ill be making my first trip to oregon next week so ill get to see first hand what youre talking about. i hear its beautiful up there. the only thing that sucks is im going up for work and wont have my trac.