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start up rattle ..

rich uk

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September 17, 2007
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1998 sohc 150k Purple LPG
getting a nasty rattle now on 1st start up...

especially if i haven't run her for a while

if i turn it over a few times first without starting then start it... quiet ..

thoughts pls....

is the pencil thingy what I need or a new tensioner ..

new front and rear chains 3 yrs ago....20k mile

silent when running

she is due an oil change ..

guess oil change 1st


I guess the oil change might help but i fear the pencil may help more.
When the chains were done or any other time have you had a new tensioner? They can get tired as i found when i changed my rear tensioner on the spare engine.

Agree, oil then pencil thing and last tensioner. I remember, I always had a rattle when oil level dropped even slightly!

thanks guys will update