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Started the blackout process

2 black eyes and a shiny grille

Here's my before and after!




I baked the headlights at 300 Degrees for 10 minutes and the corners at 300 degrees for 6 minutes.

Then I tried to cut away the old sealant with a razor blade. Bad idea:

Then I taped off and painted the headlights and corners with Krylon Fusion Gloss Black and went over that with UV clear:





I taped off the corners and painted them, but when I removed the tape it took some of the reflective part with it... However it didn't take any off the headlights... WTF?


Don't know how to keep that from happening but they still reflect fine....

Next task is to paint the gray bumper pieces black but it seems like I have to take off the whole damn bumper to do that.... anybody know of an easier way?

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Looks really, really good!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Do you notice any difference in the light output from the headlights?

They throw the same light as before but they look darker.... The corners are a darker amber color than before too. I actually really like it. I'll take pictures of them on tonight. That is the same paint/clear that I am going to use on my door trim pieces once this rain clears up..... So keep an eye out for that BigRondo.

My eyes are peeled!!

me too, sorta

great pics and instructions. im working on that this weekend. Thanks so much!

i really like the what youve done, looking at your x got me started working on mine.

im doing some of the same stuff on my x, except its white paint with black everything. is there a cool name for that? like 'murdering'?

I think that's what it's called, but that's not what I'm doing. Actually i'm just trying to man it up a bit. I'm a single dad with a 20-month old girl, so theres a pink carseat and stuffed dolls in the backseat... So I don't want it to be a "Soccer Mom" type of SUV....

Hey Rondo here's those night pictures plus another just after a bath... Not sure if you can really tell the difference or not. It's different in person.