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Started Youtube Channel...


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March 29, 2015
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Orangevale, California
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2015 Ford Explorer Sport
...and posted a few of the videos I made for installation and some of the work I've done. New to the whole YouTube channel stuff and my videos are all uncut and unedited...on purpose. I let you as a viewer decide what to fast forward through, LOL. I also do work on Harley's so I have those videos posted as well, so disregard and go straight to my XSport vids if you so desire.

The Workshop

Anyway here are some links:

Anthony DiCunzolo Transmission Mounts Installation Vid (you don't need that wooden block, I realized after, so disregard that part in the video):

ANOTHER Steeda Sway Bar Link Install Vid, LOL:

Just some wiring I was doing for the Innovate E85 Ethanol Content Gauge...just showcasing some of the wiring I do...

Feel free to subscribe, follow, etc. Or feel free to bash me, I promise my skin is thick, LOL