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Starter or Flexplate?


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October 26, 2011
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Coventry, RI
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2000 Explorer XLT
So last week my truck was making a terrible grinding noise for a second before it would start. The noise was pretty loud, just a metal on metal noise then would start up and go away. Over the week it got worse, not loudness but it would take longer to start. Eventually the truck wouldnt start, I did get it to start after trying to get it to catch for a good couple of minutes and I was able to get home. I figured my starter was bad, but I was just reading how my flexplate can very well be damaged. Either the teeth are damaged, or the flexplate is cracked, or a combination of both. I am going to pull the starter tomorrow, is there anything I can look for to confirm whether or not the flexplate needs replacing?

2000 5.0 AWD Auto

Check for missing teeth on the flexplate. Otherwise it probably is in the bendix drive.