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Starter Relay???2000Ford Explorer Limited 5.0


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April 20, 2015
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Clarksville, TN
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2000Ford Explorer Limited
2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0
So this is how the whole issue started...

I needed to switch out a fuse for the cig lighter. I went out and printed a copy of the internal fuse diagram since i bought my explorer off of craigslist with no owners manual. I switched out the cig lighter and realized all the fuses has wrong amps where they needed to be. I switched out everything according to the diagram I had printed out. Alot of features here and there did not want to work after that. Turns out it was the diagram for a "98 explorer -_-. I then tried looking up the appropriate year diagram. Found it and went on to change the fuses again. Several features began working. When I tried turning it on, WILL NOT START. First thing I thought was that I short circuited the starter so I replaced it. Still not working, I was reading to replace the starter relay when replacing the starter. I get it, its not required, but is recommended. I can't find it. I've looked at diagrams, how to books, everything. They all say it should be mounted on the frame between the battery and distrubution box, but its not. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the issue, and location of the starter relay? Thanks.


I think you probably triggered the PATS system by pulling all the fuses :( That's the Passive Anti-Theft System. Click on the link for a detailed explanation.