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Starter Relay


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December 18, 2000
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if you look at the starter relay, on the passanger side fenderwell, there is a Positive stud and a negative stud.

Also there is a smaller stud at the top which is the power for the relay small wire with a red boot on it. I believe this comes from the ignition.

Anyhow, im not getting power to the starter relay through this little wire. I tested it and it read dead, with the ignition in the start position. Then it started reading 13.34 volts when I turned the ignition. When I let off the ignition, it was still reading 2.3 and 3.5 and soforth, without turing the ignition. And my truck was starting fine for a day

so Again today my truck stops starting. So I have to manually jump the positive and negative on the starter relay

Where does this wire actually come from and what could be causing it to do this? The starter relay is not bad.

I need some imput, I hate having to pop my hood and whoop out a screwdriver anytime I wanna go somewhere.

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It may be your ignition switch (the thing your key goes into).

My truck was acting up for a while and it wasn't the ignition switch. So I installed a simple starter button. Direct battery power through the momentary button spliced into that input to the starter solenoid (relay). Key to "on" position, push the button, starts right up ;)

So let me get this right.... To start you need to turn the key on, pop the hood and short the small stud ( Ignition switch) to the big stud (batt) ??? If that's the case then like Alec said, check out your ign switch circut. If you have an alarm check that out too as most are spliced into the starter circut.

Both large posts are +12v. One goes to the starter and the other goes to the battery.

The small wire, when +12v is applied closes the relay and sends power to the starter.

The small wire (ign switch) circut goes from the +12V batt to the ignition switch, through the transmission range sensor (auto trans) and then to the starter relay.

Hope this helps.
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That does help, I know jack about electronics.

Thank you both.