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Starter sticking


March 12, 2010
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Hudson, Florida
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1991 Explorer
Got my starter and silonoid all wired up but the starter still spins when the moter is running unless I disconnect the little red wire going to the starter. Any Ideas? The truck is a 1991 Explorer stock motor.

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hows the ignition "relay" "solenoid" can't think of the word but it's on the passenger fender next to the battery?


The Selonoid is new. That will teach me to drag a vehicle out of the scrap yard with 3/4 of the parts missing and trying to put it all together. I plan to work on it tomorrow:D

If this a scrapyard rebuild, and has done this since you pieced it together, I'd say the ignition switch is wired wrong or the harness got spliced up wrong, or maybe as simple as a bad ignition switch. Little red wire to starter should be energized only when key is in start position. If it is energized in both the start and run positions, you get what you have now.

I never thought of a bad ignition switch. The battery cables are OEM from the dealer. I tried turning the ignition on and jumping the starter silonoid still does the same thing. I'm trying to find a way to do away with that little red wire. I'm going to move the wires around on the silonoid to see if that makes a difference. The starter does disengage if you disconnect the wire :roll: from the starter when the engine is running. I used the steering column from my other Explorer that I used to have. How do you check the ignition switch? This site is great. I like the fact that people try to help each other.

disconnect the red wire from the solenoid, put a meter on it... if the key is off and the wire has power, good chance your ignition is screwy.

or you could just wire a push button start


The started runon problem is fixed. On the starter silonoid you have the two
large studs that the battery cable with the two eyelets that fit onto the silonoid. The wire that comes off the Power Distribution box goes to the front stud on the silonoid then there was the mystery wire that I had connected to the rear stud. According to the wiring diagram this wire goes to the engine harness and to the alternator and is supposed to go to the front stud. Corrected. Apparently the rear stud on the silonoid powers the neutral safety switch. So I'm thinking that it was constantly feeding power through it. Only took me four hours to figure out the service manual and fix all the wires. Thanks for all the help and sugestions.