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Starting from scratch. You folks seem pretty helpful. I'm looking for a few things.


March 31, 2001
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Knoxville, TN
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1999 Explorer SOHC
I just bought a 99 Explorer XLT, and I'm looking to replace the Premium sound system that came with it. I currently have two components from my old car that I am looking to get rid of (new Explorer, new goodies ;) ):

Alpine CDA-7839 head unit
Alpine 3527 amp Dead Link Removed

I am willing to trade or sell these towards the following, and I also need feedback and opinions:

- In dash CD/MP3 player (currently eyeing the Kenwood MP-8017)

- Replacement speakers for the doors (I have the 4 door model). Something with good highs and mids

- An amp to push the door speakers (is this necessary/recommended)?

- Stealth box w/ 8" or 10" sub. Nothing fancy. I'm not into waking the dead. I just like a little deep bass with my muzak.

- An amp to push the sub (can my Alpine do it if bridged?)

- An alarm that can tie in with my keyless entry

Thanks everyone! Please let me know if you are selling anything that might help me, especially if you're interested in trading

hmm...for the door replacements,

i just bought 4 MBQuart QWC - 160 Mid rage speakers for the doors, and 2 MBQuart RTC 25 tweeters to go into the top of the doors, flush with the panels, all these speakers are pushed by an Phoenix gold amp (yes even the tweets are pushed) buti also have an X2 filter between the lines going to these speakers.

bass ?...hmmm 10" ?....

cerwin vega- stroker,
Fusion makes some nice ones,
kicker solobaric 12" would be an nice one,
ofcourse if you ahve too much money you can always get an Juggernaut 12", but i highly doubt your amp can push that...heh

if you can bridge your amp into 1 channel i wouldn't see an problem with pushing an sub with about 300 peak watts,

But if you like room you can always go for an 10" bazooka, they take less room and give an nice rich bass sound, and you can buy them with an amp build in, that also might be an option for you.

i persopnally like the bazookas, since they are small and have an awesome efficiency, they outperform any speaker of the same size....any......i know the 10" bazooka has an efficiency of 104Db's..but i mostly like them cause of their size.....small but deadly.

i myself got 2 Earthquake magma's but i'm thinking of adding 2 more and put it into competition, maybe i can win an prize one

right now with the setup i got i rock in the 120's wich is not all that bad for an dual 15"...but i need to go over 140's to be any match for those guys.