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Starting kills all power


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August 23, 2018
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Clear Lake, MN
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2007, Sport Trac XLT
I am having an issue where I lose all electrical power when trying to start the engine cold. I can turn the ignition to ACC and everything turns on, but when I try to start it cold all power shuts down and it is like the battery is completely dead instantly. I accidentally discovered that if I short out the battery terminals everything comes back to life and it starts just fine. It also starts fine after being warmed up. The issue also happens when I try the remote start. No other issues and the problem just started a couple days ago.

Sounds like a battery connection issue or a dead battery. load test the battery first, may be a bad cell or on its way out. Next up have a real close look at your posts and wires. Check for corrosion up the wire as well. give the cables a soak in baking soda, 6 inches up the wire, then a real good wire brushing on the posts and the connectors.

A battery cable was loose. Easy fix. Thanks for the answer, I was worried that it wouldn't be a simple fix.