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starting over again- expo5.0s registry

I decided to start a new elite registry. My old one is like 35 pages long (i'll link to it here) and it is extremely outdated.

I promise to try to post pictures of this one of how i do things etc. rather than just the end products. I hope this will help other people with their own stuff.

I will also link to my write-up i did for Rick and this site on fiberglassing.

This thread can also serve as a q & a for that information. feel free to ask me about anything you think i might be able to help with.

also, feel free to tell me i'm doing something wrong. I have no "education" so to speak or training in doing most of the things i try to do of my truck and i'd appreciate being put on the right track if i stray. In the same vein you might want to think twice before following my advice (this goes more for suspension and body work advice than for fiberglass advice, but i obviously can't take responsibility for anything)

thank you for checking things out


here are the most current pictures of my truck sort of as an overview-


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I finally shaved my door handles today. Here are a couple pictures. I didn't both taking any of the actual sheet metal work because there are a million write-ups on doing that on the internet and i don't have any useful information to add etc.. I did take a shot of the work done in the door so that it can be actuated.

I welded that bar in there, and welded a tab onto the metal "pull" thing that the door handle is attached to. The kit i am using came with "crimp on" type clamps to hold the wire (the wire that goes from the solonoid to that tab i welded on there) and i don't like those so i didn't hook it completely up yet- I will be using screw down clamps soon.

I also have a few channels left on my remote so that i can actuate other things. I decided i would hook up a solonoid so that i can pop my hood from in the car, but then hit the remote button while lifting up and actually open it (i'll avoid having to reach through my custom grille with a pen or screwdriver). this is something anyone with a billet grille might be interested in doing as well.....


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hey whatsup bro. its looking good as always. i havent been on the site forever, thought i'd say whatsup. later.

I went through all 19 pages on your old thread and i get to this one and thers no updates!!!! Anything new with this sweeeet explorer? that huge screen in the dash looks awesome. does it put your passenger side airbag out of commision? i think the ONLY thing i dont like on your explorer is the rims, but thats just because i'm not a big fan of chrome. keep up the awesome work man.

there will be updates sometime soon.

nothing really "done", but a lot of things worked on and progressed.

i will throw some up of some other projects too in all likelihood.

AK! Good Lord, you just never stop, do ya? (couldn't view your cardomain pics cuz of the web restriction here at work, I'm glad you posted them here ;) ) Are you eventually going to repaint it with a different scheme or redo the old one? Looking good, hoss!

yeah, i'm behind again as usual.

I'll try to snap some pictures of my truck when i get home tonight.

here is my new/2nd alt.


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i also cut up an srk5 clarion center channel and custom installed the guts in my audi- the other thing is the processors controller (im running bluetooth ipod, and a dvd player, no hu)

very disappointed that the glue shows- will fix that tomorrow


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I love the suicide door set up, I always wonderd if it were possible on an X , looks great

i have some surprise suicide plans-

expo5.0 said:
i have some surprise suicide plans-

uh oh expo do you need some counseling or something?? youve got alot to live for i promise!

this weeks updates-

first on the avant install/mods

got new wheels. I'll post the pictures of the ones im running (the black ones) and the oens i borrowed for the last few weeks (silver).

also got the dvd player in and connected with digi cable etc.- very very good sound.


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oh yeah-

and i'm suiciding my drivers door/removing the drivers side rear door (shaving it to the body)

here is the progress-


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looking sweet...why no back drivers side door, im confused

had to be removed to weld those hinges in- or do you mean why none at all?

when i finish the fiberglass work in the interior etc. it will make sense why i'm shaving it

i'm sure it will look pretty sweet when your done, but what if one day you think to yourself "too bad i dont have a back door on my drivers side"?

it will suck when that happens

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lol alright. i'm sure it will look awesome. i've never read through your threads and seen half-assed work.