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starting over again- expo5.0s registry

I decided to start a new elite registry. My old one is like 35 pages long (i'll link to it here) and it is extremely outdated.

I promise to try to post pictures of this one of how i do things etc. rather than just the end products. I hope this will help other people with their own stuff.

I will also link to my write-up i did for Rick and this site on fiberglassing.

This thread can also serve as a q & a for that information. feel free to ask me about anything you think i might be able to help with.

also, feel free to tell me i'm doing something wrong. I have no "education" so to speak or training in doing most of the things i try to do of my truck and i'd appreciate being put on the right track if i stray. In the same vein you might want to think twice before following my advice (this goes more for suspension and body work advice than for fiberglass advice, but i obviously can't take responsibility for anything)

thank you for checking things out


here are the most current pictures of my truck sort of as an overview-


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yeah, yeah,- i know i'm behind. Here are a couple


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some more- the interior will have a lot better ones soon.


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by "better" what i really meant was far more complete interior pictuers soon.

I wish i had some of ther rear part of it (behind the sub box), as it is already all built, but it is all downtown in my workshop and not at home with the truck at this point.


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I guess I also should post some pictures of the updates to my audi-

I added my xbox, a 9.2" widescreen static mount in the dash, and a 9.2" widescreen flip-down to the existing surround sound stereo system.

your mounty is going to be rediculous... haha but in a good way. keep it up. i wish i had those kind of glass skills.

Congrats, you finally found the auto focus switch.

Looking good.

Please finish soon

in all honesty- it's going "away" for about 5 months here soon.

I'll have all those mdf frames i've been building to work on fiberglassing/finishing all winter though.


thanks guys



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havent' finished the new bezel for the screen yet- obviously


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watttup man!!! its loookin good. long time no hear.

what i've been working on... browse around on photobucket there for audio pics?







ignore the equipment choice in that fj cruiser, i just iftgured i'd post it because i did it this weekend.

it also has pioneer navi, back-up cam, xm, sirius, bluetooth etc. etc. and mb quart spakers throughout.

i may actually update this soon

got some stuff going on with all of my cars

i've spent over 2 hours reading the old thread, and this one, and it just ends in october of last year!!! i have so many questions, so so many now. lol