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Starting Problem 2004 Explorer V8


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February 16, 2015
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Chicago, Illinois
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2004 Ford Explorer

I am new at this but hoping someone here can help me out.

I recently went out to start my truck and everything came on like normal. The truck cranked but would not turn over. Let go of the key and tried again. Second time, nothing... no cranking, no starting.

About an hour later I tried again. Same routine... First time it cranked but wouldn't start and after that nothing.

Left it sit for a day because I was too busy to get to it. Bought a new battery and this time I had no cranking from the beginning. Left to run an errand and got back tried again. It cranked but wouldn't start on the first try and then nothing after that.

Thinking a starter issue but not sure why it wouldn't start on the times it did crank.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Usually intermittent starting issues can be traced to the battery connections. I would get a battery post cleaner and start there. Disconnect the negative and remove. Disconnect positive. Clean both posts and both cable connections. Then reconnect positive then negative. See if that helps. Next take the vehicle to an Auto parts store and have them use a battery tester just to have confidence your battery is good.

Thanks for the reply. The battery was replaced with a brand new one and the terminal connectors are also clean and new.

Read this "sticky" thread from page 1. The V8s have been known to chafe a wire down by the oil filter. You may also want to check your connection at the starter too.

Have a 4.6L? Here's a problem I bet you all have...

Thank you very much.

I had already pulled the starter so I continued with the swap but while under the truck I checked the wire. It was worn through right where you said. Grounding out on the frame. Pulled it over slightly and it fired right up.

Thanks for the help.