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starts but won't drive


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January 21, 2015
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1999 ford explorer
My truck stalled suddenly , it starts but when I put it in drive or accelerate it cuts off ! I changed fuel filter, fuel pump in gas tank, throttle body , tps same problem! It was up on a lift and worked fine when accelerating but when on ground started doing same thing and cutting off ! Help

You didn't happen to have the transmission pan off recently did you? I had the same thing happen to me. Started fine in park, put it in drive it stalled. Put it up on stands and it went into gear and all wheels spun. Turns out my torque converter lock up solenoid shorted out and locked up the torque converter solid. It looked like about a week or so before when I was re-installing my tranny pan after a fluid change I hit the connector on the TCC solenoid and it eventually shorted out causing the problem. If I remember correctly there was a flashing check engine light.