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Stay 17's or Go 20's ??


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August 22, 2008
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Longwood, FL
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2005 Explorer XLT
I am in a debate about buying new 245/65-17 for my EX or getting new Boss 305 20's with 275/45-20. The dilemma is the 17's are just under $600 new while the 20's I can get for $450. The 20's I want are the Silver w/ polished lip Boss 335's on Ebay for $800 but I don't want to dish out that much for rims right now. What do you think I could get for my stock 17's if I sold them? 2 tires have about 30-40% tread left and 2 need to be replaced. The rims are in great shape with no scuffs. If I can get a decent amount for the 17's to offset the 20's cost then I will go with the 20's.

I appreciate all your opinions. Thanks!!

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do u got pics of the 17s and the 20s

Yeah those would help huh !!



My Dirty Truck!!


I've got Boss Motorsport 20's and couldn't be happier! I guess the question is what do you want out of your ride? Street or off-road?

It's a 2WD so it will be a street truck for sure. I definitely want the 20's and plan to lower it with GF springs.

What do you think i can get for my stock 17's?

I love my 20's...


I am having trouble selling my 16's with brand new Bridgestones for $500. Your best bet is to find someone looking to upgrade rims(are you selling them w/tires?) so maybe $300 for wheels and tires(if they are fairly new) or $100 or less for just rims?

i sold my stockers just like yours last year on ebay for $300 with no tires. 20's are in my future if i keep my truck.

Well if I can get $400 for 4 rims and 2 decent tires then thsat would be enough for me to consider the 20's!!

Thanks for the info.

I just put 20"s on my mine, and love em!!

All your trucks look sweet!! I like 22's but I drive out to my parents on occassion so I need more of a sidewall. 20's will be the way I eventually go!

I gotta keep my stocks for the winter. But I love my 20's it gives them such a tough look. **JoeCool what size tires do u have on ur wheels? I don't have that much sidewall, and I would like that much. Better protection.


Did you ever sell your stock 17's? If so what did you get for them?